2010-06-08 20:04:16 by Evilcactus

Hey guys been away for a long time, got a new site for freelance music, hopefully you will enjoy it. Check it out.

It's a Thriller

2008-10-01 19:56:31 by Evilcactus

I filmed my friends dancing to Thriller in town dressed as zombies... sounds fun... kK4

"Going Grim" is finished

2007-10-19 14:29:31 by Evilcactus

Click Here!

Flash nearly finished

2007-10-07 17:38:29 by Evilcactus

The project I thought would be possibly unfinished for the deadline has turned out to be a breeze. After sitting on my arse for a few weeks, I decided to get cracking on my entry for the Newgrounds Halloween Comp. I sat down for a good few hours and designed the characters from scratch; rigging them and colouring them so they were good to go. The following night I got started on the animation. To be honest it's going better then I thought it would. It's about 80% done already. I just need to get down a soundtrack for the first part and I'm good for submitting. Meanwhile I thought I would tease you with this screenshot.

Flash nearly finished

New Halloween short in production

2007-09-23 07:07:54 by Evilcactus

I am in production of making a Halloween short for Halloween. I have got the script written and a few voice clips recorded. It's going fine for now, I have some great voice actors on-board so I should be fine for the audio department. I'm kinda worried about getting this finished in time, i'm sure it will be finished after many late nights and several cans of red bull in me. In fact the time for me to get this altogether is just over a month. So it's going to be pretty tight. That's really it. Hopefully my little short should be gracing your computer monitors shortly.